Technical Program

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Devices: Device Physics, Device Design, High Frequency Devices, High Power Devices, Smart Power Devices, Safe-Operating Area, Reliability, ESD
  • Materials: Si, SiC, GaN, Diamond, GaAs
  • Power ICs: Isolation Techniques, SOI, Circuit Design, Device Technology, Energy Capability and SOA, Reliability, ESD, Power SoC, Monolithic vs Hybrid
  • Processes: Process Integration, Lifetime Control, Passivation, Crystal Growth, III-V (hetero)-epitaxial growth
  • Modeling/Simulation: Device and Circuit Simulation, Layout, Verification Tools
  • Packaging: Novel Packaging Concepts, Power SiP, Stress and Thermal Analysis, Thermal Management
  • Applications: Hybrid Vehicles, Power Supplies, Computer and Telecom Power, Motor Drives, Utility