Ensure a Bright Future for Electric Vehicles

How to Ensure a Bright Future for Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are the future — but how can society ensure their long-term success? Sustainability is important in a world with finite materials and hampered by climate change. However, that’s not enough to make people switch to electric vehicles. Here are the factors worth discussing over.

A Long Battery Life

Many people are already tired of seeing gas-guzzling vehicles on the road every single day. But even if they want an electric variant, they are still iffy about the performance. They don’t want to suddenly stop in the middle of the road due to a dead battery. Thankfully, Tesla presents a promising future.

Batteries for electric cars are still pricey. However, people may just get them if they know it’s a good investment. For example, it was revealed that batteries for the Tesla X and the Tesla S are built to last —  you could drive 100,000 kilometers and the battery will lose no more than five percent of its capacity.

If other car manufacturers can make e-vehicle batteries that are just as good or even better than what Tesla currently offers, there’s no question that more people will consider getting an electric car.

Target Market and Distribution

One country that the world is setting its sights on is China. With a population of more than a billion people and with tons of environmental problems, it’s good to know that the country is taking the lead in manufacturing electronic cars. Next year, more than half of global sales will come from China alone.

Why is this important? For one, it shows that quantity is just as important as quality. The impact of electric vehicles won’t be felt if only the rich can afford them. Prices have to go down and the public should be given the opportunity to experience the benefits of electric-powered transportation.

Furthermore, car manufacturers should know that people value their privacy. A smart electric vehicle that responds to voice commands won’t do if it can get easily hacked. Think of it like this query: “What if Google knows my location with VPN?”

In this case, the answer is to look at other aspects of your computer: your GPS setting, cookies, and your Google account settings. The same goes for smart electric cars — encryption across all digital components in the car is essential. There should be no vulnerabilities in the system.

Affordable Repair and Maintenance Costs

The great thing about electric cars is how they’re designed with few moving parts — no more than 100 on most occasions. In contrast, the usual gasoline-powered vehicle has thousands. This significantly reduces the possibility of mechanical failures, which saves you money in the long run.

It’s clear that electric vehicles are good for the future of humanity. However, they need to be improved in such a way that more and more people will see their value. Likewise, prices should go down through healthy competition among manufacturers and continued innovation.